My Indian Family

I previously fostered 14 children in India. I lived in Anchor Home with my 14 kids plus 6 caregivers and my co-foster Brittany. My 14 kids have such fun and interesting personalities and I would love for you to get to know them through my blog! Although I am no longer in India the kids still need sponsors and supporters. Click on their links to see their most up to date needs!

Sarah’s Covenant Homes is run completely by donations. It costs us $300/month to provide meals, clean water, quality caregivers, medical care, and a safe home for one child. Most of my children need monthly sponsors to come alongside us and make a difference in their lives. Sponsorship starts as low as $15/month and go up to the full amount they need. If you feel called to help sponsor one of my kids please email me at colleenawilliams22 at for more information.


Caden quite the charmer! Everyone who meets him falls in love. He has a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). He lacks the protein that keeps the layers of his skin together causing painful blisters and wounds. Caden has painful daily dressing changes but is one of the happiest kids I know. He is quite the flirt and had all of us wrapped around his finger. Caden loves to play, scoot around the house, and is so lose to walking. He is a funny kid and likes to cause mischief.  For more information about EB please visit the DEBRA International Website. Caden was adopted in March 2018!



Katherine is a sweetheart. She is known for her erratic sleeping schedule and her love of food! This girl is the best eater in the house. She loves to be held and to go places. She hates tummy time and touching new textures. Katherine has a cochlear implant on her left side that was activated in January 2018. Katherine’s Link 27497958_10100262997039198_1889487222_n


If I had to choose one word to describe Penny it would be joy. This little girl has a soul full of joy. Penny can usually be found doing her exercise routines on the floor: spinning herself in circles, crawling, or doing her yoga moves. Penny’s laugh can be heard most days throughout the house and her smile spreads easily. If you’re every unhappy just 10 minutes with Penny can change that! Penny’s Link 



Julie is the little diva of my house! She loves to be in cute dresses and have bows in her hair. She crawls around and spreads a little bit of her sass wherever she goes!  If you come into Anchor Gold she will be the first child to meet you and say hi! Julie is smart and is learning more English everyday and working on her alphabet. She can usually be found telling everyone what to do and how to do it! Julie’s Link



Valor is a gigglebox! He loves to go on walks, being read books, and our nightly worship time. Valor doesn’t like when I make him sit up in his wheelchair for too long. He can be found most days hanging outside in his wheelchair or beanbag, sometimes awake and sometimes snoozing. He recently had a back surgery that has made it so much more comfortable for him to sit in his wheelchair and his quality of life has improved drastically! Valor’s Link



Thomas is the old soul of my house. He doesn’t always grace us with his smile but when he does his whole body lights up! He loves to spend time in his wheelchair, listening to music, and being outside. Thomas hates doing physical therapy and when the babies crowd his space too much. Thomas’ Link



Abraham is the little flirt of my house! The story of how he came to be in my foster home could only have been written by God (read it here). Abraham is a little peanut who loves to giggle and cuddle. He is always on the move and runs everywhere. Abe can usually be found getting into something he shouldn’t or looking for his favorite caregiver. Abraham’s Link



Shiloh came to SCH as a 6 pound 1 year old. Whenever I see her I think of the Shakespeare quote “She is but little but she is fierce”. Shiloh is working on gaining weight and getting healthy so she can amaze us with everything she will accomplish.She has made so much progress recently and blows us all away with her fighting spirit! Shiloh’s Link 



Emerald is my tiniest baby. Her nickname is little bird in Telugu because she is just so tiny and sweet! She has a complete cleft palate and Pierre Robin Sequence. Emerald is a sweetheart who loves to play with toys and eat yogurt! Emerald’s Link



Josie is my chunky two year old who overcame the odds and is now thriving! She arrived at SCH as a tiny and malnourished baby but after receiving a shunt surgery and some love she is the happiest baby around. Josie loves to play with toys, eat, and scoot on her bottom. Josie’s Link


Cara is another SCH miracle child! She has overcome a lot in her short life and continues to do everything doctors said she wouldn’t! She loves to play with babies, boss everyone around, and watch the dogs and people go by from our balcony. Cara is very smart and speaks both English and Telugu. Cara’s Link

31993211752_1ea160bda8_z (1)


Sarita is the newest member of SCH! She came to us very malnourished but already is making huge gains and is quite the gigglebox. Sarita loves funny noises and being tickled. She’s working on strengthening her muscles so she can sit up on her own and play with toys. Sarita’s Link



Talitha is our sweet little baby who is at SCH for end of life care. We do not know how long she will be here with us but we want to ensure that she is treated with dignity and love while she is here in this side of earth. She is the great cuddle bug and loves to be held and rocked!


My Caregivers

I could not survive without the 7 women who work in my home to make sure the kids needs are being meet. They love the kids they take care of like their own and amaze me every day with their quiet strength. They bring me chai in bed and make sure I’m eating enough. We pray, laugh, and cry together. I simply would not survive without these wonderful women!


Information about Anchor Home 


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