Waiting Wednesday: Julie

Julie is a sassy but sweet 9 year old girl who needs a family to call her own!


Julie has hydrocephalus and has a VP shunt that she received 4 years ago. Because Julie did not receive a shunt until she was older she has some physical delays that may be related to damage from untreated hydrocephalus. When Julie first received her shunt 3 years ago she had some medical complications and regressed in almost all areas. With the help of her teachers and therapists she has regained the skills she previously had and has learned and progressed ever since then. Julie’s official age is 13 but we believe that she is younger, closer to 9 or 10. We are in the process of getting her age changed but a family should be open to the fact that she may be a bit younger then what is officially listed.

Julie speaks over 100 words in English and speaks many more in her native language. She understands most of what is being said to her in English and she can identify all of the children and adults in the house she lives in. Julie can count up to 5, identify some basic colors, and answer basic questions. For a long time Julie told everyone her name was baby and refused to say her name. Now she says her name is Julie but her nickname “Julie Baby” has stuck! Julie loves to attend circle time every morning and requests her favorite preschool songs. She can identify a photo of her herself and choose the letter that her name starts with. After circle time she works 1:1 with a teacher on identifying shapes and colors and working on fine motor skills. Academically Julie is around a 4-5 year old level.


Julie is a great sister to all the children she lives with. She loves to ask to “hold” the kids, even if they are bigger then her. She will hold babies and the older kids alike and give them kisses. Sometimes we let Sarita and Julie lay on the same bed for a bit before going to sleep. Julie loves these mini sleepovers and gets so excited when we let Sarita her “take care of” Sarita. On nights when she doesn’t have Sarita to take care of Julie loves to snuggle with one of her baby dolls and give it kisses. Julie loves to give out kisses and hugs to everyone in the house and always greets visitors who come into the house. It’s not unusual to find her bossing around a new visitor to the house, asking them to get her a book off the shelf or bring a toy to her. Julie is very compassionate towards everyone in the house and likes to be in on whatever action is going on. Nearly everyone who meets Julie uses the words diva, sassy, and sweet to describe her. Julie is well known for her “duck lips” which she pulls out when you ask her to smile for a photo.


Working with her PT

Julie gets physical therapy five times a week. She has been working with the same physical therapist for the past 2 years and they gave made some great gains together. Julie and her physical therapist have a unique relationship and her PT knows how to get Julie to participate in therapy even on days when Julie would rather not do anything! Julie crawls as her main mode of transport. She wears AFOs to help stabilize her ankles when she weight bears and to to keep her from developing contractures. Julie can pull into a tall kneel and can pull up to stand from a seated position with help. Julie does not always enjoy physical therapy and can often be found complaining about it and saying things like “It’s too cold” or “Oh my goodness” during PT that keep everyone laughing! Julie will eventually need a hip surgery to help with hip dysplasia. Her PT and orthopedic surgeon would like to see her build up some more muscles before she undergoes surgery. Although we are not sure if Julie will ever walk without assistance she will benefit from specially made wheelchairs, standers, and other orthopedic devices that she cannot currently access.

Julie is a very smart child and benefits from structure and routine. We believe in a family with consistent routines and care she would be fully potty trained and some of the attention seeking behaviors we currently see would be lessen with consistent attention and love.


Right before I left to return home to the States I told the kids I would be leaving and going home and not returning. During this time we talked about S, another child who was recently adopted, and how he left with his mommy and did not return. Julie asked during this conversation “Julie’s Mommy and Daddy?” and it broke all of our hearts. It was the first time Julie has voiced wanting a mommy or daddy. Several other kids in the home Julie lives in will be adopted over the course of the next year and I have no doubt that Julie will mourn the loss of the kids she has loved as siblings. Julie has done well and made so much progress in her years at Sarah’s Covenant Homes but Julie needs a family that will love her and help her achieve her maximum potential.

Family Requirements

  • Available to both single women and married couples between the ages of 25-55. Married couples must be married for a minimum of 2 years and couples with more than 1 divorce are considered on a case-by-case basis. Married couples combined ages should not be more than 110.
  • No more than 4 children already in the home (Julie could be the 5th child)
  • Adoptive parents should be more than 25 years older then the child they are adopting. (This requirement can be relaxed on a case by case basis)
  • Cost is between $30,000-$40,000 but there are grants and other ways to fundraise to defray the costs associated with her adoption. Julie is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant through Reece’s Rainbow 
  • The process can take between 18-24 months but recently the process has been speeding up and families are getting kids home faster
  • Either 2 shorter trips or 1 longer trip to her country is required to finalize her adoption and bring her home.

For more info about the requirements to adopt Julie please click here

For more info about Julie and to inquire about adopting her please visit her Reece’s Rainbow profile

Even if you can’t adopt Julie please share this blog post so that her family can find her! And please pray for a family to step up for Julie so that she can know the love of a forever family.

While Julie waits she needs monthly child sponsors to help ensure she receives everything she needs. Please click on this link for more info or to sign up to be one of Julie’s sponsors!