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Straighten Valor Up!

Valor, my fun loving 11 year old, has spent the past couple of years pretty twisted up. His scoliosis has been pretty severe for a while and it has been getting worse over the past couple of months so we are moving forward with getting him a much needed spinal surgery!


X-Ray on the Left is what his back looks like right now. X-Ray on the right is hopefully what his back will look like post-surgery (and hopefully it will be corrected even more!) 

Valor’s scoliosis significantly affects his daily routine. He is currently unable to be up in his wheelchair for more than 30 minutes at a time without his body twisting out of position and making it uncomfortable for him. His spine is compressing his lungs and we have seen an increase in respiratory illnesses over the past couple of months. His resting heart rate has also increased due to the increased work it takes for him to just exist. One doctor had advised us to do his surgery after he had gone through puberty but when we took a second opinion the spine specialist informed us that the current rate he is going he may not survive puberty and he needs the surgery done as soon as possible.


Sitting (uncomfortably) in his wheelchair 

Right now the doctors want Valor to gain 4 more kilograms before they do the surgery. So far with lots of extra snacks and changing his normal diet he has gained almost 2 kilograms so we just need 2 more to go! We are hopeful that within the next month he will be at the correct weight for the spine surgery to take place. But in the meantime we need to start fundraising for his surgery! It’s an expensive surgery but it is so worth it to help improve Valor’s quality of life. We are currently aiming to raise $8,000 to help cover the cost of the surgery and the post surgery hospitalization.


Valor is such a sweet kid. He’s a great big brother to the younger kids, he loves to laugh and attend his on site school, and he enjoys taking walks in his wheelchair. Valor has been making good progress using his two-sided switch and communicating his needs more. With this surgery he will be able to be up more and have more access to switches and other communication assistances. Can you help us straighten up Valor so he can have better access to the world around him and a better quality of life?

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