A Day in the Life (Part 2)

Over a year ago I wrote a blog about a day in my life here in India. Although some things have stayed the same since I wrote that post a lot has changed so I thought I would do an updated one to give those of you who support me from a far a glimpse into my life. Also as volunteer coordinator I get potential house moms asking what their lives might look like so this blog serves the purpose of helping them as well! (We always need more house moms, email me at schvoldept at icmin.org if you are interested in finding out more!)

12:30: Caden wakes up screaming and in my sleepy rush to get to him I get tangled up in my blankets and face plant on the floor. I rock him back to sleep.

2:30: Shiloh wakes up for her nightly bottle and then goes back down.

7:00: Shiloh is up screaming and ready for the day!

7:00-10:00: I answer volunteer emails, help feed Caden who has decided he won’t eat for anyone but me, eat breakfast, read my bible, get dressed, answer questions from my caregivers, make sure all the kids are dressed and ready for the day, and drink my two cups of coffee, and sneak some baby cuddles in.

10:00: Julie goes to class. We recently hired one of our caregivers as a teacher and she’s doing a great job! We have a schedule so all the preschool level kids rotate through and get an hour of instruction every day.

10:30: The rest of the kids go outside with me and we carve a pumpkin! My auto driver found me two big pumpkins on Sunday and one is a bit rotten so we use it for sensory play and exploration. The kids aren’t huge fans of it but we push through and keep playing anyways. I carve the other pumpkin while the kids play with the “pumpkin guts”. My oder caregivers keep trying to steal the pumpkin to make curry and can’t warp their brains around why I would put a face on on a pumpkin instead of eating it!

11:00: Cara and Caden go to class and Julie comes outside to play

11:30: I clean up our pumpkin explosion

12:00: I spend some time chatting with our physical therapist about some of the kids and her schedule. We have 2 physical therapists and 1 speech therapist who work in our homes and every child that needs it receives therapy sessions throughout the day.

12:00-1:00: I spend some 1:1 time with Penny and Valor. We’re working on communication with them so I try to make sure they each get time everyday where we reinforce their alternative communication we’re working on.

1:00: The kids start eating lunch

1:15: I eat lunch (eggplant curry, dal, rice, and an egg) and listen to a podcast

2:00-3:30: I go downstairs to the Bakers house to use their oven to cook my pumpkin seeds. I end up helping sort through some donations that their church brought them.

3:30-4:00: The kids wake up and start eating snack. Delage, a volunteer who is with us for the next 3 months comes and starts working with some of the kids.

4:00-5:00: I work with Thomas and get some activities set up for the other kids so they can (hopefully) play nicely with each other this afternoon

5:00-6:00: We have a special party for one of the kids. Can’t say any details right now but look out for more about that soon!

6:00: The kids eat dinner and I run out to the nearby store to get some basics that I’ve run out of.

7:00-7:45: The kids play and are generally pretty riled up after eating so much cake before dinner. Josie and Shiloh got some new clothes from one of their sponsors so I put it on them for some photos.

7:45-8:00: We listen to a song, do prayers, and then read a book. After this all the kids get into their pajamas and head to bed. I make sure to go around and tuck all of them in and kiss them goodnight.

8:30: I eat dinner. Grilled cheese and chips because I can only do Indian food two times a day!

8:45: I sit down to write this blog post, update Flickr with photos I’ve taken this past week, and should probably work on some applications for grad school but will probably end up watching Netflix instead.

My day in a nutshell! Every day is different and brings its own unique set of challenges and triumphs. But I wouldn’t have my life any different right now!