January Milestones!

January has been an exciting month for my home. We finally settled into a routine after the holidays and have been getting some good therapy time in for all the kids. All of the kids have made progress this past month that I want to share. Some of them have hit small milestones while some have hit bigger milestones but we celebrate them all around here!

Julie is a whole new child! If you had told me she would be crawling around and causing trouble back when I took her in July I would not have believed you. This past month Julie has began to be completely independent in feeding. She can correctly identify the color blue, count to three, and will say B if you say A. Julie will also tell you that her name is baby whether asked in English or Telugu. She is sitting up independently in a chair during preschool and will participate the entire time. Julie has also started asking and seeking out affection which is huge for her attachment. Pretty much this girl is rocking and blowing away expectations left and right!


Caden has a great first half of the month. He starts opening and closing his hands as soon as he hears Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star during preschool. Caden started stacking blocks, turning pages in books when asked, and is getting good at doing the shape sorter. He is imitating sounds and signs and generally being charming. He was getting really close to crawling when he got sick and ended up in the hospital. He’s out now and doing better so hopefully the crawling will come soon! Caden will scoot himself around in a circle with his hands while sitting up and attempts to get toys out of his reach so we do lots of tummy time to encourage him to crawl. Caden also started eating regular rice instead of mixey rice in January because he’s finally getting teeth!


Valor has made some great strides with communicating recently! I’ve started using a two-sided communication switch with him with the options of more and stop. He has used it to request more swing on a couple of different occasions. We’re still trying to work through some of his physical limitations to figure out what the best way for him to communicate is but we made some great strides this past months towards finding him a way to communicate with us!


Penny is right on the cusp of starting to communicate as well. We’ve been working on a couple of signs over and over again. Hopefully with the repetition it will all click and she will start signing soon. Penny has made some good progress this month with touching new textures and she recently crossed midline for the first time!


Katherine‘s main progress for the month is that she is getting her cochlear implant! She got approved for a free cochlear implant so once we raise the surgery fees we can schedule her surgery. I’ve also started doing some vision therapy with her. Her new favorite thing to do is to lay under the box I made and look at Christmas lights. She will instantly calm down if she’s crying and stare at the lights all afternoon if I let her.


Thomas started physical therapy this month along with all the other kids. We got a great new physical therapist who assessed all our kids and is making therapy plans. I’m hoping she will be able to stretch out his muscles enough so that he will be more comfortable!


Thomas and Kristy during preschool

Darren has started to learn more of his alphabet and can now count up to 5. He knows all of his colors and has became a really great helper with all the younger kids. Darren can write some of his letters and is hopefully getting ready to start school in June!


In the month of January we also switched over to cloth diapers. The transition has been way smoother than I imagined and it has been saving us a significant amount of money! I’m still working out some of the kinks with leaking and the best way to get them clean in our current set-up but so far it has been mostly good.


We ended January on a great note with my sister Shelby coming to visit. We’re looking forward to February and all the exciting things that are planned!



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