Katherine’s Cochlear Implants: Next Steps and Fundraising

I’m so excited to announce that Katherine got the funding from the local organization to get her cochlear implant! It was an answer to so many prayers and means we can move forward so much faster with getting her implanted. The organization, SAHI, does not typically fund children with multiple disabilities so we are so thankful they decided to fund Katherine and Eden’s cochlear implants. They will cover the cost of the implant but I need to fundraise the surgery fees, about $3,000. There are three ways to get involved with giving Katherine the gift of hearing:

  1. By giving a tax-deductible donation through this link: http://tinyurl.com/CochlearForKhttp
  2. By purchasing a print. They are 8×10 and will be printed on heavy duty paper. The cost is $20. To purchase a print please send your money through paypal to colleenawilliams22@gmail.com. Make sure to put your name, email, and mailing address in the comments section. Prints will ship by mid-February and they will look beautiful hanging up in your homes or given as presents. 

    Purchase this print for $20 to help Katherine get her cochlear implant!

  3. By sharing this blog post with your friends and family

After we have all the fees for the surgery covered we will go ahead with the final doctors appointments and book a date for surgery. I’m hoping to be able to do it by the end of February. Early intervention is key so getting her cochlear implant done as soon as possible is my goal.

I’m so excited to see what Katherine will do once she has the implant. I jokingly told her yesterday that she would not be able to sleep through all the crying that goes on in my house once she has her implant! I still get so excited thinking about her getting funding from SAHI. When we went in for our interview for the SAHI funding they questioned whether or not we knew what we were getting ourselves into with the cochlear implant. They seemed hesitant to give it to the girls because the potential good that could come of it was “low”. But I know that Katherine will prove them wrong and blow us away. Would you join us in helping Katherine reach her maximum potential? It would mean the world to Katherine and me!