The Next 6 Months

On December 6th I will be getting on a plane to head back to India! It’s been a good time of rest and rejuvenation but I’m ready to head back to my rooftop. And I no longer have a giant hole on my ankle. American medicine is a good thing! One of the best things about being home is that I have time and good wifi to research and make plans for my kiddos. I’ve been able to talk to professionals about my kids and research some ideas. I’ve made some new goals for all my kids that I wanted to share mainly so I don’t accidentally lose all the pieces of paper I’ve written  them on! If you have any feedback or ideas on how to work towards these goals please let me know! Also I’m still looking for a PT who is willing to look at some videos I have of Penny and give me some advice on how to deal with her joints.


  • Basic Communication. Simple signs or choosing between 2 choices on switch.
  • Self feeding 25% of the time
  • Addressing her lazy eye and swallowing issues
  • Working on army crawling. Purposeful movement to get an object she wants
  • Building play skills
  • Strengthening arms with weight bearing


  • Attempting a better sleep and nap schedule
  • Looking into cochlear implant
  • Getting an in depth assessment of her vision to see how she can best use what she has. Using a light box to work on the vision she has
  • Sensory integration (spinning, bouncing, etc) and exposures to different textures
  • Drinking from sippy cup or open cup (no more bottle)
  • Using an object schedule


  • Setting up room to do his dressing changes in that can be sterilized and kept clean
  • Getting necessary documentation and funds to take him to EB clinic in Bangalore
  • Working on crawling or movement to get toy out of his reach
  • Switching off rice and curd and onto food that has more nutrition
  • No more bottle! Drinking from sippy cup or open cup


  • Basic communication. Eye gaze for yes/no questions
  • Better positioning in wheelchair and more time on tummy
  • Weight bearing to strengthen arms and stretch wrists
  • Working on a resting hand splint to get hand in neutral position
  • Gaining weight!
  • Getting out into community more
  • Better pain management
  • More time in arm splints to make hands more functional


  • Gaining weight
  • Working on a resting hand splint to get hand in neutral position
  • Weight bearing on arms
  • Basic communication. Choosing between 2 objects and using switch to make choices
  • Better positioning while laying on bed
  • Getting out into community more


  • Gaining weight! Figuring out emotional or physical reasons behind refusal of rice
  • Self feeding 50% of the time
  • Learning more English words and alphabet
  • Counting to 10
  • Building strength back so she can hold her head up for more than a minute
  • Figuring out where she stands academically and a plan for her schooling


  • Looking into schools for him
  • Working on standing more and building leg strength
  • Mastering alphabet and spelling his name

House Goals

  • Switching completely over to cloth diapers
  • Better cleaning and organization
  • More outings with kids
  • Taking more photos of the kids
  • Get all the kids 50% sponsored (or more)

Personal Goals

  • No more weird infections 🙂
  • Being better about having personal time and sticking to it
  • Better nutrition. More fresh fruit and veggies for me and the kids
  • Blogging more

I’ve decided to start sending out a bi-monthly email newsletter with photos of the kids, news about my home, and prayer requests. If you would like to receive this newsletter please sign up here

Also Rescue Home (the home I live in) is selling these cute onesies to raise money. They make cute Christmas or baby shower presents.

Thanks for following along and caring about my kids! It takes a village to raise my kids and I’m thankful for all the support I’ve gotten along the way.


3 thoughts on “The Next 6 Months

  1. I really enjoy your blog. Your parents must be so proud of you. What a great service you are doing for these beautiful children. I’m so glad to hear you are once again well & will be returning to India. Your compassion, kindness & love shine thru in the work you are doing. I keep you & the kiddos in my prayers. God bless you all.


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