Christmas in October!

For anyone who doesn’t follow along with me on Facebook or Instagram I’m back in the States after a whirlwind of unplanned problems. When I was sick and in the hospital I had a procedure done that left an open wound on my ankle. Without going into too much detail 4 weeks later it still wasn’t healed and the Indian doctors were talking about another surgery and hospital stay so my parents flew me back home. I had eight hours to get my life in India in order and hop onto a plane to bring me back to good ole Texas. I’ve been hospitalized for the past five days getting some intensive treatment and hopefully I’ll be released today! Very unexpected but I needed some good medical treatment that I just wasn’t getting in India. This means that I won’t be back in America in November and December like originally planned but it does mean that I get to spend Christmas with my little ones!

In order to help provide Christmas for my kids I need help. For most of my kids this will be their first Christmas and I want to make it a great one. I have put together an Amazon wishlist for my foster home. I would love to get every kid a toy, a nice outfit, and 1-2 play outfits for Christmas. I would love for people to come alongside me and help provide Christmas for my six kids. You can either buy items off the wishlist or let me know if you would like to sponsor a specific present for one of the kids and go shopping for the item yourself. In addition to my Amazon wishlist I have several other needs that I would love to feel before heading back to India

  • Ankle chains for Julie and Katherine. Ankle chains are a tradition in India for women and girls. Ankle chains show that the girl wearing them is valued and loved. Both of these girls have not been valued and loved most of their life and I would love to get them pretty chains so everyone can know their worth. Anklets cost about $15 for a pair in India. Let me know if you would like to help with this need and I will send you the money info! Both sets of chains have been sponsored! 
  • Educational supplies. I always need more books, arts supplies, and educational toys to take back to my house and to use at Rescue’s Little Lights Special School.
  • Christmas Decorations. If anyone has any easy to pack decorations or the supplies to make decorations in India I would love to decorate my home to get into the Christmas spirit.
  • New or very gently used clothes in girls sizes 2T, 3T, and 5 and boys sizes in 18 months, 3T, and 4/5. I especially need leggings in the girl sizes and dresses in size 5/6.
  • EB Supplies. Caden is running low on his daily care supplies. We need more Vaseline, Metiplex, and Tubiafast to keep his skin healthy and strong. If anyone has any connections to help with this please contact me

Also I would love to get all of my kids’ sponsorship to the halfway point while I’m in the States. Julie and Caden are there but Katherine, Valor, Penny, and Thomas still need sponsors to get them to this point. Please email me for more information about sponsorship! I would love chat with anyone who is interested about my kids and my life in India. I can show you photos and tell you stories about Penny, Caden, Valor, Thomas, Julie, and Katherine while we eat non-Indian food or drink delicious coffee. Please let me know if you would like to get together!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in some way over the past four months! Sponsoring my kids, sending me messages of encouragement, and praying for my little Indian family means the world to me!

Missing these kids and my little rooftop like crazy!

Missing these kids and my little rooftop like crazy!